The things I do

Multi-Media freelancer with skills in many aspects of web design, graphics, audio and video production.

3d illustration of indian adobe village with a whale being carried through the air by a giant eagle Surreal native American

Freelance multi-media digital artist with a wide array of audio-visual digital production skills. I offer a selection of high-quality music, video, audio, 2D, 3D web design and print services as well as EPUB and iBook production.

Web Design

Simple personal websites to fully fledged e-commerce sites utilising Adobe's Business Catalyst platform.

photograph of personal website


Simple inexpensive sites for freelancers complete with SEO, social media and responsive design for viewing on any screen size.

website with a styleised photo in the style of carravaggio


Suitable for any small business needing an online shop or Band websites with audio and video streaming and social media links.

image of website


Adobe edge Animate enables the creation of interactive animated advetising banners that are SEO friendly and HTML5 CSS3 compliant.

Audio Services

Sound design, track sweetening music and more.

Image of propellerheads Reason Software

Sound Design

Sound design and music composition for picture. From the placing of SFX to the score. If you have no sound, you have no picture.

image of Adobe Audition DAW

Audio Editing

Audio editing and restoration for video projects where extraneous noise needs to be removed from the location recordings.

Pro Tools DAW software

Music Editing

Music connects human emotion with what is being viewed on a screen and needs to be appropriate to the message you want to get across.

Video Services

Video Editing, Motion Graphics, 2D and 3D Animations

adobe premiere screenshot

Video Editing

Video editing using Adobe Premiere, Adobe Audition and After effects makes for an incredibly powerful post production pipeline for web video.

leica camera image

DSLR Filming

Filming using DSLR cameras is now more popular than ever given the amazing results that can be achieved using this inexpensive technology.

Adobe after effects screenshot

Motion and VFX

Motion graphics for broadcast usage using Adobe after effects, Cineware and Mocha. As well as 3D animation and modelling Using Blender.

Film Work

Music Editor

©Sony Pictures. Music track: Synaesthesia - Fly Away.

Music Editing

Music connects human emotion with what is being viewed on a screen and needs to be appropriate to the message you want to get across. Careful structuring and placing of music is important in order to achieve this.

Temp Scores

The creation of temporary music scores for your video or film project that will help you to assess the effect of different musical styles on your project.

Chokepoint TV Drama Pilot

Opening sequence of a TV drama project I was involved in last year. Issues Addressed: The Hong Kong harbour scene was "Mute". This had to be re-created using found sfx and the creation of a score.

Keen Eddie

Music editing and additional music composer for Keen Eddie, a Paramount Pictures US comedy cop caper from the naughties. As you can hear, there is a bit of a fight going on between the sound effects and music departments.


Here is a collection of various explainer videos and simulations from architectural simulations, medical illustration to pure fun and games.


Dubbing mix, sound design and motion graphics sequencing. for Oxfordshire based video production company ShowinBusiness Ltd. Tools used: Audition, Pro Tools, Photoshop, After Effects and Blender.

Education and Training

Video production for educational projects, staff training or "in house" communications. A picture paints a thousand words? Just try it at twenty five pictures per second.

Explainer Animations

This animation is for a research study on environment and health at Exeter University. It describes the procedure for taking fecal samples from volunteers from the South West surfing community.